Pinoy SuperType

Over 21,000 Filipino words to learn!!!

How does a Tagalog word form?

How much does a word count?

And how does the timer work?

· · · p i n o y s u p e r t y p e · · ·

(super many, over 21,000 words)

(super relaxing, zen-like gameplay)

(super smooth, self-generating words)

Game Mechanics:

The game has a custom grid size where user can select the size of the following grid:

1) Madali (Easy) – 10×10

2) Medyo (Medium) -11×11

3) Mahirap (Hard) – 13×13

4) Sobra (Extreme) – 15×15

– Implemented the random word placement on the grid. the placement of the words is in 5 directions.

1) from right to left

2) left to right

3) up to down

4) down to up

5) and in diagonal

– The user can select the words he found swiping on them. We keep track of the score and announce the game is over and if we want to play again.

– You have 120 seconds to find all the 8 words in the tiles.

– To go back to main menu, swipe down from the top.

Enjoy Playing with your friends and family!!!

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Thanks in advance.


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