Pinoy Henyo Game

Pinoy Henyo Game App is the best way to practice your skills in guessing the correct word.

Game Mechanics :

1) Two person is needed 2 play game.

2) The first person select a category in the list.

3) After selecting, give the device to the second person without showing the screen. The second person shall hold it with hands up above his/her forehead.

4) The second person need to guess the words in 120 seconds.

5) The second person can ask the first person any question like

Is it a food? etc.

6) The first person need to only answer using any of the 3 words below:

a) Yes

b) No

c) Maybe

7) If the second person guess the word within 120 seconds then the first person need to SWIPE LEFT the screen to get to the next word.

8) If the second person cannot guess the word within 120 seconds, he/she can say PASS and then the first person need to SWIPE RIGHT to show the next word.

9) If the second person failed to guess after timer expires. Then the game is over. The screen will show many correct words did the second person guess.

Enjoy Playing with your friends and family!!!

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