Pinoy Boggle Game

Pinoy Boggle Game App is the best way to practice your skills in listing all the word.

Game Mechanics :

1) 1 to 4 persons is needed to play the game.

2) The first person shuffle the dice.

3) After shuffling, the timer starts and run for 3 minutes.

4) Each player needs a method to score and find all the words and write down in the paper.

5) The method of combining the letters to form the correct word is by combining to the adjacent letter in chains. It chain can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

6) Each word have the following point system:

1-2 letters: 0 point

3-4 letters: 1 point

5 letters: 2 points

6 letters: 3 points

7 letters: 5 points

8+ letters: 11 points

7) The types of words determined by the group of players are allowed. In general, the following guidelines can be used: consonant and adjectives in singular / plural, infinitive verbs, adverbs, conjunctions, interjections, onomatopoeias, prepositions and pronouns are always valid; conjugated verbs, acronyms, words commonly used foreign names in Filipino-Tagalog, proper and geographical names can be added to simplify the game.

8) If the timer is finished. Pens up and start calculating each player total points.

9) The player who has the most points win the round. For the next round, the 2nd player will then shuffle the dice and repeat steps 3 to 9.

Enjoy Playing with your friends and family!!!

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