Froggy Free (ABCs,123s and Shapes)


Just PURE FUN!!!

Be warned: This game is insanely fun for KIDS and for ADULTS also.


Froggy is for baby, kids and even adults who wants to learn the Alphabet sequence, Number sequence, and different types of shapes such as circle, square, triangle, rhombus, semicircle, rectangle, heptagon, octagon, star, heart, cross, etc. It is represented in a FUN but VERY CHALLENGING ways.


1. a frog character named ‘Froggy’ needs to jump over each obstacles.

2. Each obstacles can be an alphabet, number, or a shape.

3. a short tap would make froggy jump a few distance.

4. a long tap would make froggy jump a long distance.

5. Each alphabet, number and shape has a corresponding voice over.

6. Jump over the letters from A-Z.

7. Jump over the numbers from 0-9.

8. Jump over different shapes such as circle, square, triangle, and more.

Other features:

– Nice graphics animation.

– Nice background music

Have fun playing the game.

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Thanks in advance.

Enjoy the game !!!


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